Realistic solutions customised to your needs and unique environment.

Transformational and transactional strategies, performance drivers, structures and processes flow naturally from a clear understanding of how people interact with each other, with their work, and with their internal and external environments.

Africa Talent provides integrated workplace solutions that remove the guesswork from organisational design, workforce planning and talent management. Customised solutions help you to match people, work and structures to the current and future needs of the business.

Africa Talent offers a wealth of knowledge and practical business experience, contributing to realistic customized solutions and value-laden results.


Over time managerial organisations tend to morph themselves into something that may actually hinder people working together effectively. They morph into too many layers, undefined working relationships, strange concepts of leadership, unclear roles and accountabilities, chaotic compensation systems, hollow¬†performance evaluation systems, false notions of current and future capabilities of individuals, poor talent management processes, and so the list goes on and on… read more


Africa Talent uses a systematic method of predictive analysis to provide clarity around the human resource needs across different levels of work in the organisation. The key purpose of workforce planning at a strategic level is to develop leadership behaviours linked to paying attention to critical competencies, creating fluid pipelines of critical technical and non-technical skills, and managing critical roles appropriately with succession and talent management…read more


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