Understanding current and future capability is critical to identifying strengths, spotting areas for development and deploying the right people at the right levels in the organisation for effective levels of performance.

Effectively assessing the current and future capability of people already in the organisation, as well as new recruits entering the organisation at different levels, allows for successful talent development, succession planning, and leadership development strategies. It helps organisations to identify their underutilised talent and pick up on areas where people have become overwhelmed by expectations and work level.

Assessment and evaluation processes provide answers to questions such as:

  • Do we have the necessary capability to carry out our strategy now and in the future?
  • Do we know who our high potentials are?
  • How much of our talent is actually underutilized?
  • Are there areas in our business where people are being overwhelmed by the levels at which they are expected to work (above or below their actual capability)?


Capability and behavioural assessments are grouped in “batteries” customised to the needs of the organisation, for example operational vs strategic-level assessment, talent management, individual / team development, recruitment and selection, as well as for team building and training and development.

  • Capability: CPA (Career Path Appreciation) 1-on-1 or online – current and future potential (career)
  • Capability: IRIS 1-on-1 or telephonic – current and future potential (5, 10 & 15 year)
  • Performance: 180˚ and 360˚ Appraisals Online – customised

Africa Talent is a PDA International – Africa Partner (Africa Talent is a PDA International – Africa Partner)

  • Behavioural: PDA Online – individual behavioural profiling, job fit and team profiling


Designed and customised to complement organisational wide analyses and interventions.

  • Customized surveys + results analysis – organisational effectiveness, team climate, communication, process effectiveness, strategy implementation, change readiness, etc
  • IPCR™ Survey (Individual Perception of Current Reality) – team culture and working relationships


Training Programme: Coaching for Success

Coaching increases the sustainability of behavioural change through gradual and measured development and integration of new habits, skills, behaviours and thinking patterns…read more