Training Programme: Coaching for Success

Effective coaching increases the sustainability of behavioural change through gradual and measured development and integration of new habits, skills, behaviours and thinking patterns.

Coaching is a managerial-leadership best practice, and has become a business imperative. Its uses range from transitional coaching, executive coaching, and team coaching to life and career coaching. It has become part of the architecture of businesses with profound impact on customer service, bottom-lines and sustained long-term growth. Coaching forms an integral part of organisational strategy.

The Coaching for Success programme is based on:

  • Effective appreciative conversations that create space for the quality of reflection and thinking needed for incremental steps towards higher levels of performance and quality outputs.
  • Robust, simple and easily transferable models, processes, tools and techniques ensure an ongoing process of deliberate conversations within any context – especially the tough conversations that everyone loves to avoid.
  • Skills training is practical and experiential in nature. Experimentation is encouraged to ensure understanding at an intuitive level.

Customised Coaching for Success training programmes are based on the following foundational elements:

  • An appreciative approach to coaching
  • Meeting ‘The Coach in the Mirror’, self-awareness
  • Foundational coaching theories and principles
  • Foundational coaching strategies and skills practice
  • The PAIDD™ coaching model Practical assessment of competence for certification
  • Follow up assessment of successful implementation of skills

The Coaching for Success training programme is underpinned by:

  • Alignment with organisational programmes and initiatives
  • Customisation to organisational culture and environment
  • Adult Learning Principles
  • Positive Psychology & Appreciative Inquiry
  • Action Learning and Experimentation
  • The notion of coaching as a critical managerial-leadership competence
  • Handling “crucial”/hard discussions and daily conversations in a constructive and positive manner
  • Enabling values of dignity, respect and humility (key managerial-leadership values) to pervade the organisation through effective coaching conversation


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