Over time managerial organisations tend to morph themselves into something that may actually hinder people working together effectively. They morph into too many layers, undefined working relationships, strange concepts of leadership, unclear roles and accountabilities, chaotic compensation systems, hollow performance evaluation systems, false notions of current and future capabilities of individuals, poor talent management processes, and so the list goes on and on.

Injecting effective processes and high performance managerial-leadership behaviours into an ineffective system renders them short term (at best).

Africa Talent offers organisational design solutions based on Requisite Organisation principles, assuring a total-system approach to the effective managerial-leadership of work, including:

  • Robust and well-informed structures
  • Accountabilities and behaviours that drive and support efficient processes, and  sustained success
  • Clear understanding of the nature of work
  • Matching individual’s capability to the work that they do


Africa Talent uses a systematic method of predictive analysis to provide clarity around the human resource needs across different levels of work in the organisation… read more