Combinations of on-site and online options provide realistic value-driven solutions

Services are best utilised on-site and 1-on-1. However, complementary online options provide for when time, geography and budget constraints could potentially stand in the way of project effectiveness. Online services also allow clients to manage customized solutions themselves, supported by off-site professionals.

  • strategic focus workshops
  • organisational design effectiveness analysis
  • design and implementation of requisite structures
  • workforce planning
  • capability and talent pool mapping (current and future)
  • identifying strategic potential for succession planning
  • work analysis and job profiling
  • competency analysis and framework development
  • skills assessment and gap analysis
  • large scale training interventions
  • organisational surveys
  • high performance team training
  • management and supervisory training
  • in-house manager-coach training
  • team building
  • capability assessment
  • behavioural assessment and profiling
  • managerial-leadership coaching
  • transitional coaching (moving from operations to strategy)