Africa Talent uses a systematic method of predictive analysis to provide clarity around the human resource needs across different levels of work in the organisation.

The key purpose of workforce planning at a strategic level is to develop leadership behaviours linked to paying attention to critical competencies, creating fluid pipelines of critical technical and non-technical skills, and managing critical roles appropriately with succession and talent management.

Africa Talent approaches strategic workforce planning using the following assumptions:

  • It needs to be approached from a qualitative as well as a quantitative perspective
  • It is not intended to be a financial analysis – this is critical but should be done separately
  • Productivity indicators, workload analysis and bench marking exercises provide complementary information to the planning process and must be carefully guided
  • It is the responsibility of a Human Resource Department to drive practices, provide thought leadership, offer advice and develop guidelines, coordinate results and efforts, and to measure performance against plan.  However, it is the responsibility of Line Managers to anticipate, plan and communicate their manpower needs and realities, and then monitor their own performance against plan for purposes of adapting plans in changes in the environment


Understanding current and future capability is critical to identifying strengths, spotting areas for development and deploying the right people at the right levels in the organisation for effective levels of performance…read more